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Playing Bingo Game Patterns in UK

In order to win in a bingo game in UK, one must be able to form a certain kind of pattern when it comes to numbers. These patterns are usually predetermined before the actual game. All you have to do is familiarize them, pay attention to the bingo caller and your bingo card, and always be alert.

Playing Bingo Game Patterns in UK

How to Play Bingo Game Patterns

Playing Bingo Game Patterns in UK
  • Cover the 4 corners of the bingo card; that is, there are 2 numbers covered under B and 2 under O.
  • If the numbers on the outer edges under the letters B, I, N, G, and O are called and covered, call a bingo. This pattern is called a round robin. However, some bingo halls and bingo arcade might have different names for this pattern.
  • Look for a cross pattern. To do this, you need to cover all the numbers under the letter N and across the middle row as well. Once these happen, call out a bingo.
  • There are also letter patterns; G, H, I T, L, M, N, and E. Cover numbers that form this pattern and you will definitely win some cash. Note that there are also new letters that are added; so check the bingo boards so you will have an idea which letter pattern to look out for.
  • You may also try to cover all the numbers in the bingo card. This pattern is called the coverall or the blackout. Note that if you have formed this pattern in a certain amount of bingo calls, you will win the jackpot.
  • Prior to playing a bingo game in UK, you must be able to learn the patterns. Remember that there are actually hundreds of bingo patterns out there, but only note which patterns to look out for by paying attention to the bingo board.

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