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Online Bingo: Posh Bingo in the UK

Posh bingo is an online bingo site in the UK that is a member of the Joy of Bingo network. It targets high-class bingo players, offering various loyalty programs, and features variations of bingo games that offer fabulous prizes.

Posh Bingo Prizes

Posh bingo rewards active bingo players, whether first timer or not, with bonus prizes on their deposit. For those enrolled in real money bingo players, they are immediately under their loyalty program.

Online Bingo: Posh Bingo in the UK

First time players are automatically rewarded with 200% bonus up to £200 as soon as they make their deposits. However, this bonus cannot actually be cashed out. Thus, it is only rewarded in order for players to buy more bingo tickets on their store. Bingo winnings from games, however, can be cashed out.

Returning and regular players of posh bingo are also rewarded with 50% reload bonus for every deposit. Reload bonus are awarded for deposits that range between £10 to £100.

Posh Bingo Special Games

The biggest night for posh bingo games are during Friday nights because everybody has the chance to win £1,000,000 during the game. In order to qualify, one must buy at least 5 tickets to get an equal chance of winning. Thursday nights mark a feel-good game of £500, while Glitzy £750 is on Saturday nights.

Posh bingo also gives away special promos for lucky players giving them an all-expenses paid trip to Vegas, EuroDisney in Paris, Los Angeles, and Hawaii. Promos like this usually sell tickets at £1 each.

Posh Bingo Loyalty Program

Online Bingo: Posh Bingo in the UK

Posh bingo has a loyalty program in which players are given the chance to earn money by earning loyalty points that are credited to their account. As soon as you sign-up for an account, you will then start earning loyalty points for playing a bingo game and also for every referral of a friend.

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